Queensland Pro Wrestling brings you the wrestling like you remember! We are hard hitting with great holds, and classic dramatic in-ring storytelling! World class wrestlers from all over the world bring their skills to the Queensland territory. You don’t even have to head to the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan or Mexico to kick-start your dream to become a king or queen of the pro wrestling ring. We’re proudly based in the heart of Brisbane city in the sunshine state of Queensland where the professional wrestling scene is as vibrant and thriving as any counterpart in the world and where our pro wrestlers don’t have to mimic the mainstream but are encouraged to remain “maroon to the bone”!!!

What do we mean by “maroon to the bone?” While we at QPW respect and pay homage to the many different professional wrestling styles and wrestlers past, present and future from around the world, this is Queensland mate and we at Queensland Pro Wrestling train our wrestlers in the way which we feel is the best fit for the tastes of the Queensland wrestling crowd (did someone just say “bring back the biff”??) in that we train in a basic but hard “old school” pro wrestling style and ring craft at our core while still promoting individual creativity through maintaining a highly creative environment where all individuals ideas are respected and welcomed by the collective wrestling group.

So who are we?
Queensland Pro Wrestling is a collective of past and present locally, nationally and internationally experienced professional wrestling talent working together for the betterment of the group and the professional wrestling business overall.

At QPW our training motto is “Together Everyone Achieves More” so if you step into our gym (QPW Ground Zero) you’re going to find an environment that is free of any pro wrestling politics, where the wrestlers are encouraged to be honest with themselves and one another to create a believable pro wrestling experience (we don’t “play wrestle” at QPW…we are wrestlers goddammit!!!), where our wrestlers are taught to respect the craft of professional wrestling, their opponents and the veteran wrestlers who have blazed the trail before them, and where safety is key both physically and in the sense that everyone feels safe to express their pro wrestling ideas and unleash their inner wrestler with guidance but without fear of exclusion.

Our goal is provide high quality wrestling that showcase veterans and up-and-coming wrestlers a like. Whether its live shows, online TV programs or iPPVs QPW will bring you professional and polish product that adults and children can watch together.

Queensland’s only local wrestling TV show
In addition there are the odd Saturday sessions where we film segments for our QPW All Stars television show (QPW All Stars airing on community station 31 Digital in 2015) so those wrestlers looking to get the best idea of what it is like to perform in front of live crowds as well as work in the TV studio environment will get the best start possible. Our aim is to produce an accessible mainstream wrestling product that is once again recognized by the wider Queensland pro wrestling audience harking back to the halcyon days of packed houses of World Championship Wrestling the likes which was seen by thousands of Queenslanders at Brisbane’s Festival Hall in the pioneer days of Queensland professional wrestling.

Want to be a wrestler? We have our own facility, QPW Ground Zero Training Centre that holds two weekly training sessions for first timers and veterans. Contact us for more information.