Congratulations! You have just worked your way through the virtual maze of professional wrestling blogs, fan sites and websites that abound on the world wide inter-web these days and have found our little local pro wrestling website in our little corner of the pro wrestling universe – Queensland Pro Wrestling.

As a reward this section of QPW is going to flood your inquisitive pro wrestling mind with all the information you will need to become part of the QPW family and start your journey towards building your very own professional wrestling legacy. Be it as a wrestler, referee, manager or (for those former wrestlers who have hung up their tights and boots) mentor.

So where are we?
QPW is currently moving facilities. We will update our location ASAP

What’s our training about?
By promoting a safe and open environment for all its members to exchange their ideas in, innovate training styles and express their creativity the “QPW Ground Zero” environment is the best place in Queensland to start your pro wrestling journey or, for wrestlers who have hung up their boots, a place to reignite your past love for the wrestling business. With a full size 5m x 5m professional wrestling ring in which to train, and classes catering for all levels and aspects of the pro wrestling, we have something to suit everyone interested in pro wrestling from the curious weekend warrior who wants to see how it feels to step in the ring one time to those wanting to train for live shows and a national or international career.

When do we train and what does it cost?
Current senior class times are Tuesdays 7.00PM-9:00PM and Wednesdays 7.00PM-9:00PM.
The cost is a one off $50.00 joining fee and then start at $10.00 per training session attended.
You must be 18 years old or older to train. No exceptions!

The QPW “open ropes” policy
At QPW we welcome trainees from every skill level and every wrestling group. The idea behind our collective is that no-one should be excluded from exchanging ideas because the transfer of knowledge between wrestlers is how our great spectacle has grown so strong over the past 100 years. Members of our group wrestle on live shows for a number of organizations throughout Queensland, Australia and the world and we encourage them to wrestle and learn as much as they can while out there is “Wrestle Land” and then bring their ideas back to our gym for the benefit of all in the group.

Of course when there is a QPW live show scheduled we encourage our wrestlers to be a part of the show, but there are no exclusivity clauses and wrestlers are free to come and go as they please.

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